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The Science

CREW introduces naturally-occuring minerals (abundant and low-cost) to carbon-rich streams of water, such as industrial or municipal wastewater, to remove carbon dioxide. 

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Leveraging Natural Carbon Removal Processes
  • Minerals, such as carbonate rocks, weather naturally through contact with rainfall over geologic timescales

  • Through this reaction, atmospheric carbon dioxide is converted into bicarbonate, a form of carbon that is stable and has no global warming potential

  • This carbon can remain stored in bodies of water for thousands of years

  • This process only requires 3 inputs: water, carbon dioxide, and carbonate rock; bringing them together at optimal ratios can increase carbon removal rates from thousands of years to a few hours

Enhancing through Patented Process & Hardware
  • CREW leverages engineered systems where we can bring together all 3 inputs. These systems will have water with ample biogenic carbon, while CREW sources the feedstock and optimizes the process.

  • Patented sensor systems combined with modern geochemical dissolution models measure realtime chemistry of the carbon-rich water entering and exiting the system

  • Smart dosing tanks add precise amounts of rock to the process water to optimize carbon removal

  • CREW’s sensor system can accurately measure the chemistry change of water exiting the closed system to quantify the carbon dioxide directly removed


Our Solution

CREW's technology can either be applied holistically or split into two offerings for partners to best fit their existing infrastructure and process needs

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Patented Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Process & Hardware

We can integrate into existing infrastructure to remove carbon at the facilities of industrial and municipal partners.  

Our CDR process is already being applied at a municipal wastewater facility in the Northeast.

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Best-in-Class Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Tech

We provide the sensor and modeling systems to partners looking to quantify  their carbon dioxide removal with high precision.

Our MRV methods have been validated via rigorous R&D and technical assessments by Frontier, and will be featured in peer-reviewed publications in partnership with Yale University​.

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