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Partner Applications

CREW works with key partners to deploy our technology, from integrating patented carbon removal hardware, to providing measurement, verification, and reporting (MRV) services.

Carbon Dioxide Removal for Industrial and Municipal Wastewater

CREW can plug into industrial and municipal wastewater infrastructure with minimal disruption, leading to long-term climate impact while delivering material operational and financial benefits.

Optimizing pH and

alkalinity management 

CREW eliminates the need for cost-benefit analysis of pH and alkalinity systems, by offering free and carbon-negative alternatives to conventional methods and operations

Improved nutrient

removal rates 

CREW can increase the efficiency of biological processes, which can improve effluent quality, thereby increasing permit compliance and reducing violation fees

Catalyze achievement of climate goals

CREW enables partners to achieve climate goals by capturing a substantial source of greenhouse gas, which can be used to reduce operational emissions

Protect against

reputational risk

CREW's solution for carbon removal is directly verifiable, science-based, and durable, making it a strong solution in a climate toolkit

 Material Benefits for Wastewater Partners

MRV for Carbon Capture or Removal Providers

CREW enables partners with existing carbon capture or removal to more precisely quantify tons of carbon removed, leading to generation of high-value carbon credits. 

CREW'S sensor & sampling system fits directly into existing process.

Permanent Carbon Storage for Point-Source or Carbon Capture Facilities 

CREW can join forces with point-source or carbon capture facilities to permanently store carbon dioxide, eliminating the need for trucking or pipeline transport of liquid carbon dioxide, or injection into geological reservoirs. By doing so it can jointly create durable carbon credits, and avoid high costs of transport and risks of leakage. 

CREW'S modular reactors can be co-located with facilities anywhere with nearby bodies of water.

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