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R&D Engineer

Location: New Haven, CT

Job Type

Full Time - Contract

About the Role

The R&D Engineer will support the Lead Engineer in all aspects of deploying CREW technology in a collaboration between CREW and partner companies. The role will require work in a laboratory environment and in the field supporting the pilot reactor construction and operation. The key goals of this role are to ensure the success of the pilot plant through on-site work and to develop sensor design for CREW’s systems to ensure high accuracy in carbon removal MRV. This position is a 14-month contract role with potential for extension or a full time position in the future. Location is tied to lab and pilot site location – operations are currently out of New Haven, with expectation for frequent travel to alternate pilot site locations as determined.


Key Responsibilities

  • Support the CREW Project Lead Engineer on all projects relating to the success of designing and implementing the pilot project, including:

    • Interfacing with partners 

    • Reactor system design and implementation

  • Lead design, operation, and troubleshooting of sensor array systems for the pilot site

  • Ensure compliance and knowledge of pilot site permit requirements

  • Supervise and assist outside engineering support companies in building the sensors

  • Support broader lab initiatives by performing bench-top experimentation with mineral feedstocks for the purpose of creating key datasets


Required Qualifications

  • B.S. in a relevant scientific or engineering discipline

  • 2 years of work experience

  • Proficiency with analytical software including Excel

  • Passion for fabricating technologies

  • Capable of lifting up to 15 lbs

  • Startup mindset where adaptability, creativity, agility, and execution are keys to success

  • Strong desire to fight climate change

Bonus Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in science-related field

  • Up to 2 years field experience on pilot plant

  • Experience in early stage startup or pilot plant design/construction

  • Experience in instrumentation, controls, test engineering, hardware engineering

While we are looking for someone with these skills, you do not need to have all the listed qualifications to be a great addition to our team. Please reach out if you have any of the listed qualifications, are eager to learn new skills and be involved in the climate tech space, and have solid design, science/engineering, and problem-solving skills.


$45.00 - $65.00 / hr

About the Company

CREW is a distributed and flexible carbon dioxide removal technology that utilizes containerized enhanced weathering in engineered systems for permanent, low-cost, and verifiable storage. By accelerating the well-established, natural weathering process that removes CO2, CREW leverages these reactions in a variety of settings on our path to gigatons of carbon sequestration.

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