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The world needs billions of tons of CO2 removal every year to prevent catastrophic warming.

We need carbon dioxide removal solutions that are  deployable now ,  accurately quantifiable , and  affordable .


We use abundant, globally available crushed rocks to permanently neutralize and remove carbon dioxide through a process called enhanced weathering.

Using engineered reactors and existing infrastructure, we can control and monitor weathering reactions for permanent carbon dioxide removal.

Our approach to enhanced weathering has tangible benefits and advantages:

In wastewater applications, our process helps control fluid pH, reducing the need for costly and CO2-positive pH adjustment methods.

This process also helps reduce nutrient pollution, like nitrogen, in wastewater systems.

Our sensors provide straightforward measurement and quantification of durable carbon dioxide removal.


Tracking CO2

In our process, CO2 is incorporated into water either naturally – from the atmosphere or from organic matter degradation – or is added from an external CO2 source like direct air capture or waste biomass burning.

Accelerating Weathering

We deploy our technology in existing infrastructure or in proprietary reactors, contacting CO2-rich water with crushed rock, to accelerate weathering reactions. This converts CO2 into a more stable phase for permanent removal. This entire process mimics the natural weathering cycle that occurs on earth to store CO2, but in a more controlled and measurable system.

Quantifying Storage

With sensors installed at the inlet and outlet of our system, we monitor the chemistry of the fluids and can easily and accurately quantify the amount of CO2 removed.

Multiple Applications

Our deep knowledge of the carbon cycle and enhanced weathering allows us to leverage our technology to remove carbon from a variety of sources. CREW is a permanent and distributed CO2 endpoint that is measurable, with relatively low infrastructure requirements and rapid removal rates.

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